Roblox is it safe for Your child?

The Internet continues to create conflicts for parents who would like to give their children all the advantages of the Network, but not to expose them to the dangers lurking in the depths of the world wide web. Online video games are one of such examples. To better understand the advantages and threats from the online games, parents need to constantly be aware of the main issues of information security.
Parents want to provide their children the tools to develop the imagination. Previously, it was a modest designers of wood or metal. Now it’s user generated multi-platform exciting online gaming of the system. With the help of games such as Roblox, kids can now get all the ability to create any world they can imagine and socialize with other players around the world.
Roblox Relanium that each month has 64 million active players that connect to create adventure, play games, invent role-playing, study together with friends.
Children spend hundreds of hours playing games such as Roblox, and they are emotionally connected with their accounts to such a level that many adults do not even know. When the baby stole his account, he loses much more than just a username and password: he loses the world he created, the collection of your objects, custom avatars, their friends and their gaming plans for the future. It can have very devastating consequences for a child.
Taking into account the possibilities and the creativity Roblox that the game provides to children, the manufacturer takes a proactive stance to protect their players from inappropriate content, online hackers, cyber theft and other online dangers. Roblox provides assistance to parents resources such as in-game moderation, guidance for parents and control content. However, it is impossible to track the activity of a huge mass of players.
Hackers can steal player accounts or infect their computers with malware, but the knowledge of the basic problems of security will help You secure Your devices and to control the development of imagination in your child.

Can you get a virus from Roblox?

It is impossible to get a virus by playing inside the platform Roblox, because, according to PR-Director-producer Brian Jacques, the game does not allow to do that, it has no functionality for uploading or distribution in any other way malicious files through their platform.
However, despite the fact that hackers can embed a virus inside of the game Roblox, they can find other ways to get your baby and infect the computer or to carry out theft of account.

Phishing attacks

Pop-up ads or links to chat, offering free or customized objects for Robox can lure the child about phishing sites designed to infect your computer or steal your child’s account in Roblox. This is similar to how phishing attacks work on YouTube. Now hackers lure users Roblox free gifts or getting Robux (currency in this game platform), if they click on a link in the chat message or pop-up advertisement.


Luring the user to a malicious website, the hackers fooled users that download an executable program with rasshireniem. After running this file infects the computer with malicious software designed to steal data, among which there may be data and passwords on your credit card.

Stealing passwords

Phishing attacks can also steal Roblox accounts when a user visits a spoofed web site. Players are invited to login with their username and password to Roblox, promising them free Robux. Then the user-entered information is saved and can be used to steal their passwords. The picture below is taken from one of these fake websites.

Community rules Roblox makes clear that players are not allowed to sell, trade or give Robux, digital products or gaming codes, with the exception of official channels on the Roblox platform. Players can buy and sell game objects, but only as members of the Builders Club. Not be distributed outside of Roblox, but this is still happening.


Hackers can also steal information from users when they are on the Roblox platform. Typically, these scams use pop-UPS, advertising banners promising free objects, but, for example, instead of new weapons or t-shirts the players steal those Robux or hack their accounts.

Fake service

The so-called “Fake Maintenance Scam” (Scam fake service) is the “fake” graphical user interface (GUI) that informs the user that the site is not maintained. This Scam is effective because it deceives the users that are forced to provide your login information. The young players, frustrated by the break in the game, most likely will try again to login without checking the authenticity of this interface.

Here are some recommendationsthat will help the children understand that when do the Roblox is in maintenance:

  • The orange banner (see above) will appear on the site Roblox until you start maintenance.
  • When this banner will change its color to red, you will not be able to play Roblox until until the maintenance.
  • Typically, maintenance is performed when you sleep or are at school.
  • Roblox will never ask you for your username and password anywhere other than the home page.


Fraudsters can use bots to make money on the Roblox users. Bots are automated programs that perform a specific set of tasks. The most common problem of bots on Roblox is to create false accounts and messages to players asking them to visit some website to get free Robux.
Hackers have released thousands of bots, or “botnet” during 2017 Group Wall Scam. A botnet sends thousands of players to increase the number of views for specific YouTube videos to increase their income.

How to prevent attacks

Here are some ways how to protect your little Roblox players and their devices.

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra level of security for your account your child requiring to take additional action to verify the identity. Every time your child logs on a new device, Roblox will ask you to enter a six-digit security code. Account for your child, use a secure email address to which only you have access. Anyone who tries to change the password of the account, you will need an additional security code.

Create a complex password

Even without phishing scams and about interfaces, hackers have the ability to guess passwords for your child using special programs. Tell your child that you should never write your password or reveal it to anyone except you. Follow the guidelines for creating passwords, to help baby to create a strong password, which he can easily remember.

Leave session if working on joint devices

If your child plays Roblox with various devices (for example, a friend’s computer or from school), remind him that he came out of his account every time finishes the play. Strangers unable to access the child’s account, if he has not gone from the game, and just closed the browser.

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