How to play Roblox

Roblox is a sandbox game, focused on the development of interaction between the players.
Inside the game is a 3D world, solidly made with a minimum amount of textures. Thus, the game is not demanding to computer resources and go even on hopelessly outdated machines

What to do in the game?

The unequivocal answer can be given here, as all actions depend purely on what pad you get.
For example, in the “Youth camp” you can ride a scooter, grow flowers, take care of Pets and to do many other things.
The main goal is communication with the players and around the world.


It all starts with character selection. The game features a flexible designer, consisting of more than a hundred items that can give your character an individual look.
You can edit the following items:

  • hair;
  • clothing consisting of trousers and jacket;
  • smile;
  • accessories like glasses, headphones, scarves.

In order not to feel lonely during the trip, you can choose not animated satellite, for example, cat.

In youth camp you are immediately allocated a place to live, with the function of customization in its sole discretion.
Inside will be empty, so you can immediately start improving the interior and creating coziness.

Earnings local in-game currency is quite simple – perform a variety of actions: improve the house, catch fish, plant flowers.
And here’s the first catch!

In the school campus, you can attend music classes, sing a song or participate in the play.

How to log into the game?

Install the file responsible for loading of the playing space. By volume it takes 800 KB of hard disk space, resulting in instant the download.
Click on the world most interested. In our case, this simulator hunter.
Select “Play” or “Play” and wait for the entrance to the game world.

Tips on the game

During installation, the game might hang and report it cannot connect to the Roblox servers. In this case, disable the antivirus, firewall and other defenders to the installation file could join the server and download the necessary data.
Blocker and chat
Install AdBlock or other ad blocker that your child has not passed the advertising link and does not become a victim of hackers. Don’t believe the people offering to acquire untold wealth or asking for a password to view the inventory.
Set the settings so that the child interacted only with friends and he could not write third party.
Very often when you start the game you can see this picture:
Thus, the creators immediately offered to buy unique vehicles for real money.
The project can be used as an alternative to other games. Here are the modes of the cult game Counter Strike, GTA, Fortnite, and many others. You’ll save time downloading and save yourself from having to buy expensive games.

Roblox Studio
If none of the worlds you are not satisfied, you can create your own with a special editor. For example, to compose and to arrange the map for sports cars and motorcycles.

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