Roblox Cheats

This is our tracker to keep track of the working Roblox cheats out there. You won’t see all the fake promises and patched cheats other sites have because we track only cheats which actually work. We track releases and leaks and update as often as we can.

Keep in mind these are the public cheats and they might be patched out or give poor results. They might work just fine for you but if you really want to get ahead in Roblox and get some good working hacks and cheats then check out our underground RobloxX pack – which you can download here:

Roblox Cheat Codes

Probably one of the less common type of cheats but still an existing one is Roblox cheat codes. Now Roblox themselves don’t have tap in codes (I know there’s websites out there which tell you otherwise but have you actually tried using them? They don’t work) but certain games and Tycoons have scripted cheat codes you can use as we track them here.

Roblox Cheats for BC

Now here we certainly can help you. There are plenty of fake Roblox cheats for builders club out there but we have something great for this and you can get the details on our Roblox cheats for BC tracker. In fact we have a unique system which gets you free BC without putting your account at risk and anyone can use it.

Roblox Cheat Engine

Many of the cheats and hacks out there revolve around using the Roblox cheat engine. Actually it’s a memory editor made for cheating in any game it just so happened it works well in Roblox and a lot of cheats use it.

Roblox Cheats for Money

There’s cheats out there to do everything from loading scripts and allowing you to do things you normally wouldn’t be able to do. But one of the more common things people look for has to be Roblox cheats for money. We track these as often as they come out and it’s probably one of the more common (and more useful) ones out there.

Roblox Cheats 2012

A lot of the cheats out there are outdated. In fact most of them are and nobody bothers to really update anything which leaves people trying a lot of methods which no longer work. In fact there’s a good chance you’ve seen some out of date video and tried it before you found us. We track Roblox cheats 2012 has to give a good idea of what is currently working. One of our more popular trackers.

Roblox Cheats 2011

While keeping track of new working cheats is important we also keep the old Roblox cheats 2011 tracker going. We’re collecting what used to work in 2011 because understanding the old cheats which used to work can lead to finding new cheats in the future and that’s the reason we have new cheats to put in our 2012 tracker (and our RobloxX pack for that matter).

Roblox Cheats for Tix

Probably the most common thing people are looking for but also one of the things most quickly patched. You’ll see a lot of fake claims around there for unlimited Tix and all sorts of thing if you download their tool or give them your account details. If you haven’t already figured it out – they’re fake. But we run the Roblox cheats for Tix tracker to keep track of public realses and leaks of working cheats for Tix. If this is something you’re really looking for though you should really check out the RobloxX pack.

Roblox Glitches

While a lot of the stuff we have here are cheats found by people trying to get an edge in Roblox or do something they shouldn’t be able to – we also keep a Roblox glitches tracker. A glitch is more of a bug within the game you can use to your advantage. It’s usually something small and mundane but you can use it for some pretty good effect. Glitches can exist within Tycoons and games or specific scripts (which means they’re limited to certain places) but they can also exist within Roblox itself. Check out the tracker for the current public ones or see some of the private ones in the RobloxX pack.

Don’t disregard these because they don’t offer push button 1000 Tix – they can still be worth taking a look at.

Roblox Robux Cheat

Possibly the only one more popular than the Tix hack. Although to be honest if you have a way to get one or the other you can always use the exchange to get the other. Again these are most often patched and the ones you see out there are just plain fake. If you really want this kind of thing you should check out the RobloxX pack (the big download button at the top) but we do run our Roblox Robux cheat tracker. These are public releases, leaks and methods and are generally patched so I wouldn’t get your hopes up of finding something public which doesn’t get patched. This is why we have the undeground RobloxX pack for working methods.

Roblox Cheats for Gear

Maybe there’s just a specific bit of gear you want or you’re just bored of your current stuff. I’ve seen some strange stuff out there like ‘say the name of the gear you want 10000 times and it will fall from the sky’ in case it wasn’t obvious enough – that doesn’t work. It’s (surprise!) fake. We do run a tracker for and leaked working Roblox cheats for gear. Not a frequent one we find often but, again, you’re better of using the RobloxX pack instead of the public ones because this kind of thing doesn’t really come out in public often. If most of the game is about earning and creating your own gear then it’s not surprising any cheats are patched out so quickly. We track the ones we can find but this kind of thing just doesn’t really come out in public – if at all.

And I know fine well there are plenty of sites and videos offering working cheats for gear but they don’t work. You’re welcome to go and try but at best you lose your account and you still don’t get any gear.

YouTube Roblox Cheats

If you’re determined to go and use YouTube to find cheats then use our YouTube Roblox cheats tracker. We try to track videos of actual working cheats and show you how to avoid the fake stuff and losing your account.

Exclusive Underground Roblox Cheats

The above are trackers for public cheats. This means that the rest of the internet has them, uses them and they tend to get patched. A lot of the time you can’t even find what you want because the cheats just don’t exist because they’ve been patched (which is what our trackers keep track of).